Creation Farm items you would want to have on hand in case of earthquake, tornado, floods, armed conflict, and any other situation restricting access to normal commerce on any level. There could be a future point where the travel of these products will make it difficult to bring them from their countries of origin. They typically retain 95% or more efficacy for a period of 10 years or more when stored well sealed in a cool dark place.

Disaster Oils packages, These oils all have a strong history of successful use enhancing immunity when dealing with all those things that can cause a wide range of discomfort depending on the offending form of bug and area targeted by it whether caused by airborne, foodborne, or injury. While we can not by law make any claims about what any of these oils will do, there is plenty of useful info out there if you google each oil and the word “use”. Instead, we have made it our focus for the past 25 years to develop relationships with direct sources that can provide us the best quality and yet retain moderate prices because we do not spend money on mass marketing and network marketing we can keep the pricing realistic and provide larger volume sizes than those little tiny bottles the big names push (the little bottles are the highest profit margin possible for them).

Since the pandemic started in 2020 we have learned a lot now, the hard way, about how to avoid shipping delays going forward and have new ways to fast track customs clearance using the right brokers. Our freight partners now check all available routes and methods for each shipment to go with whatever service or carrier that is having the least issues for the shipment to cut down on items that got stuck here or there over the past year.

We believe the time has come for everyone to make sure they have all the basic supplies you can have for self-care, DIY health care, and home care folk medicine. If any of these bundles below ring a bell with you we are offering them for 25% off the price you would pay to buy them individually at regular price.