Food for the Skin

Food for the Skin

Anne Sangemino

Skin known as epithelial tissue does not need blood to sustain health. It needs nutrients applied topically, food for the skin. 

One of the main characteristics of our skin is that it contains no blood vessels but, an extraordinary number of nerves. If we feed the skin tissue cold-pressed plant oils the enzymes and volatile oils will be assimilated into the skin cells and repair and regenerate very quickly. If the cells do not need all the nutrients, they are carried by the nerves in the skin to the central nervous system.  

Epithelial Tissue needs food to maintain healthy skin. The skin cells will absorb 60 percent of the nutrients we apply to our skin to revitalize, hydrate, or restore themselves. The nutrients they do not need at that moment in time are collected by the little fingers at the tips of the nerves and when full-on impulse the nutrients are carried and travel through the nerves to the central nervous system.  

If you damage the skin, you might not bleed, but you will feel the pain. The skin is a sensory organ and receives information through touch, solar cells, sunlight, moisture, heat, cold, and the enzymes in plants and plant extracts. Cold-pressed plant oils, volatile oils, herbal infused oils, and herbal tinctures provide a wide variety of nutrients and enzymes for the skin.  

Damaged skin tissue or surgery forms scar tissue. Scar tissue can become painful because it pulls on the nerves and is annoyingly uncomfortable. Free radicals are drawn to fresh scars and create havoc because the blood circulation becomes impaired. The skin begins to age, and chronic skin conditions arise.  

Food for the skin:  

Anna’s Secret Skin Renewal  

The herbal properties of these cold-pressed seed oils include anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, active phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals to support and accelerate wound healing and the regeneration of new skin tissue.  

Evening Primrose Oil: Bioflavonoids and essential fatty acids accelerate the regeneration of new epithelial tissue while it breaks down scar tissue. The astringent action draws the new skin tighter for quicker healing. The gamma-linolenic and linoleic acid are the active constituents to break down scar tissue and soothe skin irritation. The fatty acids have been found to repair, protect, and renew skin cells. They are the energy source for the revitalization of new skin. Evening Primrose provides a natural barrier of protection for the epithelial tissue from free radicals and environmental toxins.  

The nutrients in Evening Primrose are the amino acids, calcium, essential fatty acids, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin E., and zinc.  

Pumpkin Seed Oil A high content of polyunsaturated fatty acid (Linoleic acid), tocopherols (Vit. E’s) and phytosterols. The high content of tocopherols makes pumpkin seed oil an excellent lipophilic antioxidant that breaks down scar tissue. The bioactive nutrients are an efficient source for wound healing. It is good oil, sourced for its high antioxidant content which breaks down free radicals and the scar tissue they form. The tocopherols and linoleic acid support the formation of new epithelial tissue and collagen.  

Jojoba Ester: Is soothing on the skin. It is closest to our own sebaceous oil and protects the skin from free radicals. An ester is a combination of wax, oil, and water making it a great barrier for our skin because it absorbs into our pores. It cleans the pores by dissolving sebum because of the high content of iodine in Jojoba, which protects our skin from bacteria and other elemental toxins.  

In 1994, I designed Anna’s Secret Skin Renewal for my skin. I had a hysterectomy and 1 year later my hair started to thin, my skin became dry and scaly, and itched all day long. I used it on my scalp, hair stopped thinning and it made my hair soft and shiny. My skin was moisturized, soft, and smooth again.  

I designed Anna’s Secret Skin Renewal for dry, normal to oil complexions prone to acnes to support a clear complexion and maintain a healthy constitution. Cold pressed seed oils and essential oils nurture the whole body with the vitality to restore specific skin conditions for a healthy skin mantle. 

My experience using cold pressed seed oils and essential oils on my skin after. Surgery, a force to reckon with caused scar tissue, a real uncomfortable skin condition with knurly and as thick chords of stagnant cells. Slowly, but surely the scar tissue shrank by applying Anna’s Secret Skin Renewal everyday as a moisturizer on the scar and my whole body. The discomfort and pain subsided. Today it is completely gone! I am not sure how long it took because I was not focused on it. I had no idea it would work to shrink the chord to the point I cannot feel it at all. It was not a quick recovery but worth the wait.  

I owe a lifetime of gratitude to serums, cold pressed seed oils and essential oils for skincare. Evening Primrose, Black Currant Oil, Black Cumin Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, etc.  

If you enjoy drinking herbal infusions, here is a list of herbs I drink to support new skin cells and accelerate a healthy skin mantle, Calendula, Rosemary, Chickweed, Alfalfa, Rose Hips, and Dandelion. 

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