Rose Geranium Organic Lotion Cream

Rose Geranium Organic Lotion Cream 4 OZ Jar: Rose Cream
Rose Geranium Organic Lotion Cream 4 OZ Jar: Rose Cream
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Rose Geranium Cream: “Rescue Guardian” becomes an intimate friend for women and I call “Rescue” my first responder. Designed to tone saggy skin, it reverses the aging process. Also dissolves the sebum which is produced by the sebaceous oil glands, which bacteria feeds on the sebum deep in the pores of our skin promoting acne and boils. Rescue Guardian is versatile and helps balance female hormones. Hot flashes vanish and a sense of joy begins to warm your soul. Rescue, our first responder, becomes a nursing mom’s intimate friend, as it relieves the pain and discomfort of engorgement and keeps the milk flowing. Rose Geranium is good for all skin types.


Rose Geranium Lotion
The skin cells respond to Rose Geraniums active constituent Geraniol, to maintain healthy cellular functions. Geranium essential oil has a dynamic vitality, contributing to a stimulating surge of elemental energy. For the skins optimal health Rose Geranium cleanses, tones, and tightens the pores. Your skin will feel smooth, and maintain a soft suppleness.
Rose Geranium Hydrosol 4 oz.
We grow Rose scented Geraniums native to South Africa in the Hoophouse also. We have found many delightful culinary and medicinal uses for the leaves and flowers but our favorite way to use them is in the Rose Geranium hydrosol distillation. Rose Geranium Hydrosol Is a quick fix for hot flashes, just spray and smell the mist. Your endocrine system will relocate all the compounds in rose geranium for hormonal balance to their appointed stations in the mind. The spray is easily assimilated to restore the proper balance for dry and oily skin types as well as protect the skin from acne as it dissolves sebaceous oils deep in the pores. It is a refreshing hydrosol and can be worn as a deodorant.
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Our Natural Aromatherapy soaps are deliciously scented with pure essential oils and herbs. Essential oils of Tea tree, Lavender, Rosemary, Sweet Orange, Peppermint and others alone and in aroma blends provide excellent herbal benefits skin care. These aromatic products also contain specialty herbal ingredients like Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Pomace Olive Oil, Lavender. Many of these essential oils may be effective treatments for Acne, Rosacea and other skin maladies. Handmade Soaps or shampoo bars also make wonderful gifts and suggest uses with other Aromatherapy bath salts and glycerin herb soaps as Gift Ideas!

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